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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sweety Baby Sneak Peek

So I've been working on a new line of items for my Sweety Baby shop. I am pretty excited with how they have turned out so far. I have done two for my nephews and am working on my daughters as we speak. When hers is finished I will be listing them for sale in my shop for anyone to personalize!

How do they look?


  1. These are AWESOME! So adorable...seriously! Can't wait for you to add them to your shop!

  2. Okay, so we're turning the boys' room into "Trains, Planes, and Automobiles" and I'm totally talking to Scott about ordering one for each of the boys for Christmas maybe :D. They are SOOOO cute! (And it's something I can get for the boys, since those adorable hairbows you make aren't quite the look for them ;))

  3. Okay, Scott said a definite "yes"...Christmas presents, here we come! :)

  4. I'll let you know when I add them to my shop, I'm so glad you like them!!