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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Montessori Potty Training

I personally can't wait to have a break from changing diapers for a while. Let's be honest, diaper changes are probably one of my least favorite things to do. My daughter squirms and twists so much that every change is a battle between us. The ONLY way through it is to sing really obnoxious songs or make really goofy faces to grab her attention for just the few seconds it takes to put that last side of the diaper on. Needless to say I do admit to letting the diaper reach full capacity (aka drooping down to her knees, haha!) before I give in to changing it. ;)

With all that said, I am very much looking forward to potty training my not-so -little-anymore daughter. The Montessori method of potty training was brought to my attention a few months ago and I loved it immediately and plan on trying it with my daughter.

To many in the American culture it would be considered "early" potty training. While in other countries in may in fact be "late" potty training. All I know is that it makes sense.

The Montessori method explains that there are sensitive periods for learning different tasks and that the period of 18-24 months is the sensitive period for learning to control their bladder and bowels. Once this period is missed the supposed next period may be 3 years old. Now some may still be able to potty train their child during the terrible twos but it suggested that it's MUCH easier to potty train within these sensitive periods.

In contrast to the Montessori method in my husband's nursing book it states that most children are able to control their bladder and bowels around the age of 3-5, yikes! In the words of a good friend, "that's a really big butt to wipe!" haha :)

Want more details? This is a great article outlining the basics of the Montessori method: http://www.littleredrobin.com/pages/toileting_the_montesorri_way.asp

I personally have a couple friends who have potty trained their children "early" with much success. I have only a couple more months before I can start the process with my daughter, so I'm sure you will hear back on the progress in the future!

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  1. I'm so glad you posted this! Tom & I had discussed a while ago early potty training. This method is exactly what we would love to do. We've actually tried this week to acknowledge when she passes gas by saying "Excuse me" to her- whether or not she realizes what we mean, she almost always looks at one of us when she has a movement or passes gas. We were talking about the idea of carrying her into the bathroom whenever we can tell she's about to go, so even if she's still going in her diaper, she'll start to understand that's where we go to the bathroom. I thought we were a little crazy at first, but after reading that article- it couldn't hurt to start early and then progress to full out potty training at 18 months. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

  2. Annemarie you are so on the ball! Way to get started early! I didn't mention this in my blog but in India babies are potty trained by 10 months if not earlier....so it is possible! Good luck!