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Thursday, June 18, 2009

99 Balloons

Right after I wrote my last review about Burkeheart Baby's shop, this video was posted on a friend's page on Facebook. She said she almost cried from watching it. I sobbed through the last half....because I know that pain. I thought I would post it here. It seemed fitting to follow my last post with.


  1. Thanks for thinking of me, and Jordan. That was a hard point in my life, as it was in yours I have no doubt. This is such a beautiful story that just makes the pro-life message ring more and more true! Although I have seen that video before, you better believe I cried again! Thanks again!

  2. Amazing video! I agree with Danielle that it really has such a pro-life message... wow

  3. I don't even have children and this was heart wrenching!! Thanks Leigh!!! Love ya Gretchen