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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shoes, shoes, shoes!!

What woman doesn't love shoes? And what mother can pass up the chance to buy her baby cute shoes? I swear my daughter has more pairs of cute shoes than I do!

When I stumbled across Burkeheart Baby on Etsy I was thrilled. Darling cloth shoes and SO affordable! Sized from 0-18 months, I know you will find that perfect shoe for your little one!

As I was putting together this review I read the owner, Gillian's profile on Etsy and it really tugged at my heart. She gives half of the proceeds of certain items in her shop to non-profit organizations who help families recover from losing a little one, something she personally experienced. As part of the grieving process she delved into knitting & sewing and has this amazing shop to show for it. Her son Burke was the inspiration behind her shop's name Burkeheart Baby.
As one who has lost a child in a miscarriage I know the pain all too well behind the loss of a child. I realize though that my pain must pale in comparison to one who was able to hold their little one in their arms, even if it was just for a short while. Gillian dedicates her shop, "to all the lostbabymamas out there that make it through each day. We may not be whole, but we're here." I couldn't have said it better, what an amazing woman!

Now let's take a look at her creations!

Aren't these Red Jacks Shoes one of a kind?

And these Cotton Bloom cloth shoes are so fun!

And for the next week this amazing woman is offering you FREE SHIPPING! (promo code: OMFREESHIP)

This is the time to buy your little ones shoes ladies!


  1. These are adorable!!!!! Your blog is going to be a bad thing for me, I can already tell. I have been hanging out on etsy a lot more :)