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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Upper & Lower Case ABC Activity

I was so happy to find this activity online.

It's a file folder acticity, which means (when I find the time) you attach the activity to the inside of a file folder and add an envelope to keep all the pieces together.

It's a great way to stay organized...again, when I find the time.

But for now I just laminted the pages/cards and it works just as well.

The object is to match the lower case letter cards to the upper case letter on the sheet.

This was perfect for my daughter since she tends to mix up a lot of the lower case letters like d, p, b, q....etc.

This is how I do the activity with her:

I put the pile of cards in front of her

"What is that?"

"An 'r'"

"Yes, that's a small 'r', where is the big 'R'?"

She does pretty well with it and enjoys it for the most part.

Download it here!

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