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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Montessori Quote of the Day

"The basis for a child's early learning in mathematics and numbers should be established by the time he is three years old. With the infant, such simple games as counting his toes or fingers is a good beginning. Take advantage of everything in a child's environment. Count the steps to the front door, the bottles of milk the milkman left (wow, this book is outdated!), the trees on the block, the daisy plants Dad is putting in the garden."

Math is difficult for so many people.

I, myself, have never had a problem with math.

I can easily visualize things in my head and I have always enjoyed it.

My husband, is completely the opposite.

He struggles tremendously with it.

We have always just attributed it to certain strengths and weaknesses that we each have.

But can it really be that simple?

One inherent difference is that I attended a Montessori school during my early grade school years (thanks mom!) and he didn't. Of course you can't simply blame the difference in one's schooling for a lack or strength in core subjects such as math...or can you?

All I know is that the way Montessori teaches math concepts in such a concrete, hands on way, I really don't see how anyone could fail....honestly. If someone is not naturally gifted at math, I really can see how the Montessori method would help them reaach a higher level of achievment than would the traditional method of teaching math in other schools.

That's my two cents, I will be posting more later on specific math concept activities I am using and will be using with my daughter....so check back later!

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