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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BPA & Phthalate Free Bath Toys

Since doing research on the harm certain chemicals in plastic can do to your children I have been surveying my daughters toys to weed out the unsafe ones.

The other day while she was taking a bath I realized that EVERY toy she was playing with probably contained these harmful chemicals. And she was bathing in them for at least 10 minutes every night, yikes!

So of course I took off on my internet search for safe bath toys. And was very happy to find many companies that offer BPA & Phthalate free bath toys.

Boon Inc. has a line of bath toys that are all perfectly safe for your little ones to bath in. I ordered the Designer toys & scrubbies for my daughter.

"This collection of fifteen bath appliqu├ęs, three balls, and two mini-scrubbies makes bath time a creative and playful experience. These designer toys do not absorb water, reducing mold and mildew. Their contemporary colors and funky forms look great in the modern bath. The mini-scrubbies are designed to fit little hands perfectly."

My daughter has so much fun with these!

I also found this site which gives you a guide to all the companies that make bath toys free of harmful chemicals.


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