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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Houshold Words Review & Discount

I love decorating. I am always looking for unique things to do with the space around me, and for those who know me well they know I tend to redecorate often...I just like a feeling of freshness every once in a while. Enter Household Words from Etsy.

Household Words offer vinyl decals of practically everything! This is an easy and a mess free way to decorate. Clean, smooth flat surfaces. No stencils, no paint, no time. You can apply and remove these vinyl decals for a professional painted appearance!

All of their vinyl decals are made to order after you choose from their 35 colors to match your decor!

This decal is a must for every mother, why not have a decal to honor the thing that takes up so much of our time? :)

And why not also have a decal for the one thing mothers wish they could actually get time to do, taking a carefree bath....

I wish I could soak my cares away!!!

Now to the important stuff, drum roll please....

Houshold Words is offering FREE Shipping for all Organic Mamas readers until July 15th. Coupon Code: OMamaFREEShip

There are a TON of decal to choose from, so head on over to Household Words and pick a few out!!

Happy Decorating!

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