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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Soapwalla Review + Discount

Soapwalla Kitchen is a truly wonderful find on Etsy. Rachel, the creator and chef of Soapwalla Kitchen started making luxury organic face and body products in her apartment kitchen to alleviate her painful sensitive skin rashes caused by lupus, an autoimmune illness. Her objective is to make the highest quality products available, made with organic, vegan, food-grade ingredients, and never harmful or synthetic additives such as petrochemicals, parabens, pthalates, or sodium lauryl sulfate.

"Our skin is our largest organ and in order for it to function at its best we must feed it with wholesome ingredients. If I refuse to put something in my body, I shouldn't be putting it *on* my body, either. "

I have been in the market for a product line for skin that wasn't going to affect me adversely. Since becoming acquainted with the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database, I was so wary of all my beauty products that I had been using on a regular basis. Rachel, with impeccable timing, contacted me regarding her line and offered a few samples for me to try!

Here are a few of Soapwalla Kitchen's products and my two cents on them :

Deodorant Cream
"This all-natural yet powerful deodorant cream utilizes superfine vegetable powders, clays, and lavender, peppermint and tea tree essential oils to absorb moisture, inhibit bacteria, and ensure a long-lasting and highly effective experience. The frosting-like consistency ensures effortless manual application and quick absorption."

Definitely smelled the peppermint and loved it, and I have to admit it really did work! The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the application, having to put it on by hand. The normal stick application is much more convenient, especially when you forgot to put deodorant on and you quickly have to apply it before you dash out the door. With that being said, I guess it's up to each person to decide which is more important....convenience or safety.

Luxurious Moisturizing Body Oil
"Jojoba, sweet almond, grapeseed and coconut oils lock in moisture. Mowrah Butter, derived from the fruit kernels of the Madhuca tree (India) reduces the degeneration of skin cells, and promotes smooth, supple skin. Scented with pure ginger, citrus and lemongrass essential oils. Truly divine for all skin types. I call it springtime in a bottle!"

I loved the subtle fragrance of this oil, it was very pleasant. It went on smoothly and left my skin feeling soft and moisturized. The only downside is that I think I would go through the bottle so quickly! I know it says that you only need a couple drops but I felt I needed a little more than that to make my skin feel moisturized.

Organic Hand and Body Wash - Recover
"Cleanse your skin with a natural, consciously produced wash designed to clean without leaving a film or stripping the skin, nourish the body and remove unhealthy toxins, and soothe sensitive skin. Recover (lavender and eucalyptus) - specifically calms, relives aches and soreness."

I thought the fragrance was very invigorating and nothing like I had ever used before as a body wash. It didn't leave my skin feeling soapy or dry, I was very pleased.

Overall I would recommend Soapwalla Kitchen to anyone I know who is looking for a safe beauty line.

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And along with that purchase Rachel will be throwing in something special for you to enjoy as well!

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