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Monday, January 11, 2010

Naturity Review + Giveaway

What a great name for a great company!

Naturity prides themselves on the organic integrity of their products, which are compromised of 99-100% certified organic ingredients. They are also a green company using only sustainable packaging. All items are contained in recycled glass or tin and orders are shipped in recycled packaging and bi-degradable packaging peanuts.

They have recently been rated "zero" toxicity in the Environmental Working Group's skin deep database.

So with no further ado let's look at the three main product lines Naturity offers!

Naturity's Organic Motherhood line is safe for you and your baby.

Products include Nipple Cream, Belly Butter & Belly Massage Oil.

There is also a Mother's gift basket including those 3 products, which would make an excellent gift.

I received Naturity's Belly Massage Oil to review and was very pleased with the product. When I was pregnant I was super cautious about what I put in and on my body for fear of hurting my growing baby, that's one of the reason's why Naturity's products excite me so much!

The Belly Massage Oil was very easy to rub on and did not leave a super oily feeling left on my skin afterwards, unlike the cocoa butter I had used during my first pregnancy. The smell of it is very pleasant smelling and actually brought me back to my childhood when we used to crack open vitamin e capsules to put on our cuts. I highly recommend the Belly oil!

Next we have Naturity's Organic Babyhood line, which is vegan friendly and nut and wheat free.

All of the Babyhood products are free of chemicals, fragrances, additives and synthetic preservatives. Naturity doesn't use any essential oils that may cause irritation. All products have been tested and are safe for baby skin.

Naturity's Organic Babyhood line includes Diaper balm, Baby Massage Oil & Baby Powder as well as a Welcome Baby Bucket including those three.

I received the Baby Massage oil to review as well and I'll repeat what I said above about the Belly oil, it was very easy to put on and didn't leave the skin feeling oily at all. As advertised this oil was fragrance free.

Last but not least we have Naturity's Body-Bath line. All products contain pure, unrefined organic ingredients gentle enough to use daily on the body or in the bath to nurture healthy skin. All products available in unscented and six herbal scents.

Products include Massage Oil, Sugar Body Scrub, Salt soak, Herbal Bath blend, and 2 gift baskets as well.

I received the Sweet orange bath salt soak to review. I was very happy to have an excuse to have to take a bath (the first one in two years since my daughter was born!)

The aroma was very pleasant, not too strong at all. It left my skin feeling smooth and moist and not in much need of lotion application afterwards like I usually do. Highly recommended!

Now of course is your favorite part!!! The giveaway!!

Naturity will generously be giveaway a Welcome Baby Bucket to one of you!

This includes Diaper Balm, Baby Massage Oil & Baby Powder.

To enter into this giveaway:

Visit Naturity and leave a comment here telling me what your favorite thing about the company is!

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The winner will be picked randomly and announced on January 19, 2010!


  1. I think the baby basket looks awesome, especially the balm. My son was is senstive and always seems to have some kind of diaper rash. I usually look up products on EWG website before buying them and like the rating of 0! Thats great!

  2. I love that they take it a step further by producing and packaging sustainably!

  3. I loved Earth Mama Angel Baby products when I was pregnant and also have a child with sensitive skin and quick to appear diaper rashes and would love to try a new product! I follow your blog.

  4. I have your Sweety Baby button on my blog http://mymareneliza.blogspot.com

  5. it's super cool that they make an organic nipple cream! i've not seen that before!

  6. i tweeted! (@cotgechzandrice)