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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


SO, I have officially entered into the blogging world :)

I've been told from numerous people that I should start blogging about my new online shop http://www.sweetybaby.etsy.com/ But I thought, "yeah, yeah, sure, what's that gonna do?" Well, I guess I caved in and took everyone's advice :)

But this blog is definitely NOT going to be solely about my Sweety Baby business. Since joining the Etsy world, I have really fallen in love and developed a passion for handmade things. Etsy can be pretty addictive, in my opinion, and what better way to find one of a kind items for gifts or even yourself without forking your hard earned $$ over to big corporations who put all the little people out of business (ahem....walmart).

So my initial thought about this blog was to highlight handmade, fun, funky things that any mother, business woman, student....well I guess any woman would love to have!

But after much thought I decided to dedicate this blog to all things natural, handmade and organic. I admit I am a sucker for everything natural and organic, including parenting! I hope to share some of the fun things I have learned in the past 16 months of being a mother as well as the past 28 years of growing up in a home where sugar was rarely allowed! (Although, I do admit I would secretly long to go to a friends house after school so I could eat their Oreo's! haha!)

So...please read often and be free with comments! Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. Yay! It's about time, Leigh! I am definitely adding your blog to my bloglines :) I LOVE the Sweety Baby clips that I just bought-they are so adorable and so well made. Thanks for making such great clips!